Eat Smarter Head to toe – Top 9 healthy food

Black Sesame - Healthy food for Hair Care

Bread is the staff of life, the food is what matters to the people, all these are healthy food benefits to human’s health that head to toe. 1. Black Sesame - Healthy food for Hair Care Black Sesame is very high in kinds of nutritive components such as fat, protein, carbohydrate,vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron and chromium etc.. The main components in the fat which was extracted from the seed of Sesame were unsaturated fatty acid that calculated to prolong one's life, and Traditional Chinese Medicine consider that had the effects of nourishing kidney and liver, it's used to treat Hair Loss, Dry Hai and Dry Skin. 2. Walnut - Healthy food for … [Read more...]

Top 5 Big Picture Websites with HQ Photographs


Big picture is HR(high resolution) HQ(high quality) photographs Seeing the big picture is a kind of visual enjoyment no matter artistic pictures, news photos or personal photos, now recommend top 5 Big Picture Websites with HQ Photographs to you and all these big pictures will be a feast for our eyes. Boston The Big Picture Boston The Big Picture is one of the most outstanding big picture blog site, Boston The Big Picture with excellent photographs and penetrating perspective always have a favourable reception, also Boston The Big Picture concerned about the current affairs, it's “News Stories in Photographs”. You can use BigPicture … [Read more...]