BigPicture Cataloguer – Download Boston Big Picture

BigPicture Cataloguer

Top 5 Big Picture Websites with HQ Photographs introduced Boston The Big Picture, it is much better if the big pictures can download all at once, right? BigPicture Cataloguer can help you. Aengus - the fans of Boston The Big Picture released the Big Picture Cataloguer, this program makes use of pyexiv2: This program downloads the entire Boston Globe Big Picture photo series and tags each photo with their relevant caption. Upon execution, you will be asked for a path to a directory to store the photos. If you provide “C:\My Photos\”, for example, the photos will be organised as such: c:\My Photos\2008\05\Cassini Nears Four-year Mark\02 – cassini2.jpg You … [Read more...]

Devuvuzelator – Be quiet Vuvuzela


Vuvuzela is a trumpets used by South African soccer fans to shout support, conversation takes place at around 40 decibels but the Vuvuzela is more than 100 decibels , so the fans need to wear earplugs in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. You need Devuvuzelator if you're watching the World Cup on your computer. Devuvuzelator is a noise filter software developed by Jeff Bargmann of Stardock in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. It's free application and no installation required, you can download it from … [Read more...]