BigPicture Cataloguer – Download Boston Big Picture

Top 5 Big Picture Websites with HQ Photographs introduced Boston The Big Picture, it is much better if the big pictures can download all at once, right?
BigPicture Cataloguer - Download Boston Big Picture So Easy
BigPicture Cataloguer can help you. Aengus – the fans of Boston The Big Picture released the Big Picture Cataloguer, this program makes use of pyexiv2:

This program downloads the entire Boston Globe Big Picture photo series and tags each photo with their relevant caption.
Upon execution, you will be asked for a path to a directory to store the photos. If you provide “C:\My Photos\”, for example, the photos will be organised as such:

c:\My Photos\2008\05\Cassini Nears Four-year Mark\02 – cassini2.jpg

You can download BigPicture Cataloguer and source code from, of course, it’s free, thanks Aengus and enjoy your visual feast.


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