Free and advanced Adwords Tutorials

Adwords Tutorials is essential if you want to promote your products, website, and services with AdWords

There are a lot of “Gurus” AdWords teaching resources out there such as ebooks, videos and audio, most of the Adwords training will charge you a fee, just like me, I have expended much money on the training when I started, some have gotten really good at it, some just make up stuff.

Do you want an free and advanced Adwords Tutorials?

You bet and thanks Google, Google have announced the release of a new Free Adwords Online Classroom, although I have more than two years of accounting experience, I still benefited a lot from these tutorials, you can skim through the Tutorials catalogue under the picture first.

Free and advanced Adwords Tutorial

Getting Started

1 Create your account
2 Get to know your account
3 How to build a successful AdWords account
4 Why can’t I see my ad?

Improving Your Account Performance

1 Improve your AdWords performance with key tips
2 Use AdWords data to strategically improve your account

Controlling Your Costs

1 Maximize your advertising ROI with Conversion Optimizer

Analyzing Your AdWords Performance

1. Track your AdWords ROI using Google Analytics
2. Set up your Analytics account to track ROI
3. Track your AdWords ROI using Conversion Tracking
4. Get the most from your website with Website Optimiser

Expanding Your Reach & Focusing On Your Audience

1. Improve your Content Network performance
2. Reach more potential customers through the Google Content Network

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