Register Free .ME Domain Name + Free Whois Privacy with Gandi (Until December 31, 2012)

Do you want a FREE dot ME domain name + Free Whois Guard for one year? Gandi – one of the domain name registrars approved by ICANN in France will give you a chance to register a FREE .ME domain name from now until December 31st 2012 if you have Mozilla Thunderbird (last version 16 or 17).

Search your domain name

To start, simply go to download the last version of Mozilla Thunderbird and install it.

After successful installation, click to open the Mozilla Thunderbird and it will open a welcome window, you will be asked “Would you like a new email address?”.

Just type the domain name of your interest in the search box, for example “LastTake”, and then uncheck the “” option box only check the “” box, after completing the domain name search, click the “” and it will show you the results for the available domain name, and the .me domain name( shows the price — “US $0.00 a year”:

that’s right, it’s free for one year, simply click the price menu “US $0.00 a year” to register it and you will be taken to the product order page of, click on the “Buy” button to continue.

Click to buy

You need to sign up for a free Gandi account or just login if you already have an account with Gandi:

create account or login

Sign In and accept all contracts:

Accept all contracts

The final step you are asked to set the password for your email mailbox:

set a password

Congratulations! You have got your Free .ME domain name and when completed the Thunderbird screen should now display as follows:


Activating Free Whois Privacy/Whois Guard for your domain name

Gandi provides FREE WHOIS Privacy Protection for your domain, to turn on Gandi’s whois private service you need sign in and click on “Update Your Personal Information”

whois contact

Scroll down to the “Private Domain Registration” option, select “yes” and click “Submit”, activation completed.


Please note that one free domain per account, if abused the free domains and your account will be deleted.


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